ChemiStation (EYELA)
5 Independent temperature controls with stirring. Ideal for the examination/optimisation of reaction conditions.

Gel Permeation Chromatography, GPC
Enables separation of molecules according to their molecular mass.

Equipped with 6 column changers with UV/CD detectors, the enantiomeric excess of molecules can be measured by the use of chiral columns.

FT-IR spectrometer (Thermo Scientific)
Compact machine with easy sample-handling for IR spectroscopy measurements.

MALDI-TOF MS spectrometer (Bruker)
Enables mass analysis of synthesised compounds.

MPLC (Yamazen)
Used for the purification of synthesised compounds. Compatible with both normal and reverse phases.

400 MHz NMR (JEOL)
Equipped with an auto-tuning unit enabling NMR measurement of various nuclei.

Rotary evaporator (EYELA)
Allows removal of organic solvents with an adjustable vacuum.

Glovebox (M-BRAUN)
Used for weighing and handling air/moisture sensitive compounds.

Reagent storage
Reagents are stored according to their category.

Automatic melting point machine (METTLER TOLEDO)
Capable of measuring the melting points of 6 samples at once.

Measurement of optical rotation can be conducted.

Constant temperature bath (EYELA)
Reactions can be carried out at constant temperatures.

Freeze Dryer (EYELA)
High boiling point solvents such as water can be removed without heating.

Solvent Drying Columns (Glass Contour)
Solvents of high purity can be used for sensitive reactions.

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